Friday, October 2, 2009

10 biggest mistakes presenters make; #10

Having illustrated these top 1o at the 2009 Business Women's Forum in Hartford CT (an event not to be missed for 2010) I thought I'd offer them here as well. We'll start with the least egregious and move to the most detrimental. Ready? Here goes.

#10 Being a Stranger in a Strange Land

Dashing into the site of your presentation 15 minutes before you're scheduled to go on is NEVER a good idea. You look flustered, out of place, unsettled, etc. You've not given yourself time to get acclimated to your surroundings or (more importantly) your audience and it shows. Talk about starting off on the wrong foot.

You should arrive to the site of your presentation at least 30 minutes early. Stand where you'll be standing to present. If you'll be using a microphone, test it out. Sit in a few different spots around the room to get a feel for what the audience will be seeing.

If you are one of many speakers at a conference, I suggest arriving about 2 hours early, if not the night before. Why? because a speaker scheduled to present before you may not show, or may go shorter than expected. He or she may touch on something related to your presentation, or may (heaven forbid) talk about something you'd planned on addressing.

If you are a nervous speaker, getting there early will help you tremendously. Greet a few of the audience members as they arrive. Get to know them a little bit. They will become your instant fan club. Having met you, they'll now feel that they "know" you. As you stand up to speak, they'll be smiling at you, silently cheering you on.

Get there early. Get acclimated, get comfortable, get fans. be heard.

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